For Communities

All Maine kids are at risk for underage drinking. As a parent, there are things you can do in your community to keep youth from underage drinking. Here is a checklist that can get you started. If you need more information there are additional resources listed in the Resources & Links section.

  • My local convenience store and restaurants routinely checks IDs of young-looking patrons.
  • When I see a clerk or waiter checking an ID, I thank them for their effort.
  • My local stores and restaurants display alcohol and alcohol posters above eye-level of younger children.
  • I've asked my local store and restaurant to refrain from creating alcohol displays that promote young people who are only having fun because they are drinking.
  • I support local law enforcement when they prosecute adults who furnish to underage youth.
  • If I know where underage drinking is occurring I will inform local law enforcement.
  • I will support policies and laws that keep alcohol away from underage users.
  • I will write a letter to the editor encouraging other parents to join me in working to prevent underage drinking.