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What you should know about teen alcohol use in our state (view in Word*)

To support prevention efforts, the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services tracks alcohol use and abuse among adolescents in grades 7 through 12. In addition to the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey (MIYHS), a random phone survey of parents across Maine asked what parents believed was happening in their households with regard to underage alcohol use.

Here are the facts:

7th Graders - approximately 12-13 yrs. old
10.5% lifetime use
2.7% past 30-day use
1.1% binge drinking

8th Graders - approximately 13-14 yrs. old
20.9% lifetime use
6.6% past 30-day use
3.0% binge drinking

9th Graders - approximately 14-15 yrs. old
36.7% lifetime use
14.8% past 30-day use
7.0% binge drinking

10th Graders - approximately 15-16 yrs. old
51.0% lifetime use
22.5% past 30-day use
11.6% binge drinking

11th Graders - approximately 16-17 yrs. old
60.9% lifetime use
29.7% past 30-day use
17.5% binge drinking

12 Graders - approximately 17-18 yrs. old
68.3% lifetime use
37.2% past 30-day use
22.9% binge drinking

What Maine parents believe is not what Maine teens say:

54% of Maine teens report that they have had more than a few sips of alcohol in their lives.
However, only 18% of Maine parents believe that their teen has had more than a few sips of alcohol.

26% of teens report they have been drinking in the past 30 days.
However, only 16% of Maine parents believe that their teen has been drinking in the month before the parent survey took place

15% of Maine teens report that they have been binge drinking within 30 days of the survey.
The parent survey asked if they thought their child had binge drank in the past two weeks. 5% of Maine Parents said they thought that their teen had binge drank within two weeks of the survey.

80% of Maine parents believe that if their child drank alcohol without permission they would catch them.
However, 53% of Maine teens say they would not be caught by their parents if they drank alcohol without permission.

Full MIYHS results
Maine Parents Survey

We need to find out more, do more to keep our teens from underage drinking.


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