Get the Facts you Need to Talk to your Teen about Marijuana

Many parents think they would know if their teen was smoking pot – but would you know if they were eating, cooking, vaporizing or ‘clam baking*’ it?

All of the items below are clues that you might find in your teen's room that could indicate experimentation with marijuana. Click on an item – either inside the teen room or below it – for a description of what it is, how it worked, and how to start a conversation about it with your teen.

Keep in mind, the images we've chosen to use on this website are meant to be representative of the most commonly used forms of marijuana paraphernalia. However, many of these items come in vastly different shapes and sizes; and they are constantly changing and evolving. For a more thorough understanding of what to look for in your teen's room, we recommend using an online search engine such as Google Images to view all the different brands and styles of each of the paraphernalia listed.

*Clam baking refers to smoking marijuana in an enclosed vehicle, causing the vehicle to fill up with smoke. It can also refer to smoking marijuana in an enclosed room. It is believed that "clam baking" achieves a better high because no smoke is wasted.
Paraphernalia Definitions