The first Parent Media Campaign goal was to heighten the awareness of Maine Parents that, when it comes to alcohol, their teenager is at risk. The campaign posed the question, "Your teen and alcohol: do you really know?"

The 2006-2008 Parent Media Campaign focused on Monitoring and Modeling. "Find Out More, Do More" was created to heighten parental awareness of Maine's underage alcohol use. The campaign focused on practical tips that was communicated via television ads, brochures, school informational sessions, media outreach, and to provide parents with the skills and resources they need to better monitor teen behavior. Launched in September 2006, Find Out More, Do More was developed based on statewide survey results and parent input. Practical tips, such as Limit Access, Network, Reinforce & Enforce, Check In, Be Up and Be Ready, provide a starting point for parental monitoring of teens.

Data still shows that fewer parents think that their child could be using than what student reports confirm. For 2009-2010, the campaign will be a continuation of Find Out More, Do More, along with a re-vamping of Your Teen and Alcohol, do you really know?