2002 Campaign

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Campaign Print Ads – Download 4 different size PDFs to use in your local newspaper or organization newsletter.

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2002 Maine Parents' Kit

Monitor Your Teen — effective parenting strategies to prevent underage drinking. View PDF (230K)
Talk With Your Teen — tips for listening and talking with your teen - and what to say. View PDF (222K)
Signs To Watch For — how to recognize the signs of teen drinking and substance abuse. View PDF (183K)
Self Assessment — what messages are you sending to your teenager about alcohol? View PDF (176K)
The Medical Impact — why delaying the use of alcohol improves your teen's well-being. View PDF (220K)
Maine Facts — what you should know about teen alcohol use in our state. View PDF (236K)
Maine Law — the facts about underage drinking laws in our state. View PDF (190K)
Community Involvement — how you can help fight underage drinking in Maine. View PDF (160K)
Maine Resources for Parents — where you can turn for additional assistance. View PDF (189K)
Entire Kit — download entire kit here. View PDF (417K)

Parent Kit 'Stuffers'

A 4" x 9" flyer advertising the Parent Kit for paychecks, shopping bags, anywhere there are parents to reach...

Results from follow-up survey, June 2003:

Benchmark Survey of Maine Parents: Alcohol Use Issues and Promotional Campaign Evaluation
Full Survey (PDF 346 kb) Executive Summary (PDF 173 kb)

Initial Survey, October 2002:

Parent Research 2002 Executive Summary (Strategic Marketing Services/Ethos Marketing)

Full Word | PDF Abridged Word | PDF


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