Find Out More, Do More

Underage drinking is a problem in homes from Kittery to Houlton, from Calais to Norway, from Portland to Farmington. All Maine teens are at risk of underage drinking, and all Maine parents need to help keep their teens from underage drinking.

Maine parents want to do the right thing - we watch our teens and talk with them about not using alcohol - but are there other things we should do? Are we doing the right things? We need to find out more information about how we can prevent underage drinking, and we need to do more at home, in our schools and in our communities. The known stakes are higher than ever before - new research indicates that teens who begin drinking at an early age experience real change in the way their brain functions.

The Maine Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services offers resources to help you to monitor your teen for underage use with five tips. We also offer some information about how your own behavior can sometimes influence your teen's decisions about alcohol - even without your realizing it.

The message is simple...

find out more do more




To learn more, and find out about the substance abuse prevention efforts in your town, connect with your local Healthy Maine Partnership.